Customer Database Pro

Customer Database Pro 6.0

Keeps a complete record of the user's customer information
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Microguru Corporation
Create customizable databases with information regarding your customers, the products they've purchased to or subscribed to and any problems that they've encountered.

Customer Database Pro(CDB) is a complete multi-user customer database and helpdesk solution. CDB keeps track of your valuable customer information. You can enter products purchased and/or services subscribed by each customer. You can also log issues encountered by your customers and their resolution. Logged issues and customer records are fully searchable. CDB is designed with you, the end user, in mind. You dont see modules in CDB. You see one streamlined application that helps you get to the information you need, when you need it. BCC is readily customizable to your needs. Lookup lists can be modified from their respective windows. It requires very little disk space to install, has a small memory footprint and is a breeze to deploy on all of your users� machines. There are no separate components to download and install (such as ODBC drivers and Microsoft Data Access Components), no expensive SQL Server licenses to buy, no registration codes to enter and no extensive setup to labor through. Just download and install and you are ready to go.

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